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The Press Council is the body of media self-regulation in Azerbaijan. It was established on March 15, 2003 at the I Congress of the country’s journalists by the establishment of about 180 leading mass media. She was registered on April 24 of the same year at the Ministry of Justice .

The purpose of the Press Council is to exercise public control over compliance with the requirements of the legislation and professional principles in the professional activity of its members, strengthening the relationship between public authorities and the public and the media, creating greater opportunities for freedom of speech, opinion and information. The Council carries out investigations of the pre-trial options of the conflicts in the fields of activity of the media, the adoption and investigation of the complaints received by the editorial staff.

I. Management

The supreme body of the Press Council is the congress. The congresses are held in accordance with the relevant paragraph of the Charter of the PC.

The board is headed by the chairman (see the Charter). The chairman of the council has two deputies. One of them represents journalists and the other public representatives. The Deputy Chairpersons are headed by the Commission on Complaints on the basis of their rotation. Decisions of the Board are taken collectively by the Board of Directors meetings.

The Board of Directors consists of 15 key and 4 reserve members. Of the key members, 9 are journalists and 6 are public. 2 out of 4 reserve members are from the public and 2 are journalists.

The members of the Board of Directors are the members of the Board of Directors.

Meetings of the Board are held every month and meetings of the Complaints Commission are held twice a month. Other commissions are periodically collected.

Implementation of the Press Council’s work is carried out by the Secretariat. The Secretariat shall carry out the rules of procedure arising from the Charter in the process of investigating complaints filed by the Board. He also oversees the activities of the Monitoring Group.

The monitoring team once a month determines the obvious trends in the violation of professional principles, based on the investigations carried out by the media and prepares the final report on it and presents it to the executive secretary.

Azerbaijan Press Council

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