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Moldovan Press Council

Moldovan Press Council was founded on October 1, 2009 as an independent self-regulatory institution of the Moldovan press by 6 associations (institutions):

The Press Council aims to:

  • raise accountability of Moldovan press to its readers by promoting the observance  of professional standards and journalism ethics;
  • settle disputes arising between the readers and print press with regard to the published press materials;
  • nurture the culture of a dialogue and mutual respect between the press and the media consumers;
  • promote quality journalism and enhance credibility of the media. 

The basic function of the Press Council is to review complaints related to the editorial activity of the newspapers and magazines published in Moldova that have a national, regional and local coverage; the news agencies, their websites, and the informational portals. The Press Council also develops recommendations on strengthening professional standards in Moldovan press, drafts proposals of public policies for the media and carries out campaigns to promote accountability of journalism. 

The Press Council is a representative entity consisting of 9 members, including 4 members that represent the journalistic environment (out of which 2 members represent the regional publications, including one – the publications of the autonomous territorial-administrative unit   Gagauz Yeri), and 5 members that represent de media consumers.

The Press Council carries out its activity in accordance with the Regulation on the Moldovan Press Council’s Activity, approved by the founders.

The process of selecting the Press Council members is carried out in accordance with the Regulation on the Selection of the Moldovan Press Council Members, approved by the founders.

Moldovan Press Council Secretariat

Address: 41/5 Bucuresti str., Chisinau mun., Republic of Moldova, MD-2012

Tel/fax: (+373 22) 220996



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