A new Journalist’s Code of Ethics was published in Moldova


The Press Council of the Republic of Moldova has published the Moldovan Journalist’s Code of Ethics in completed version on its webpage. The proposals for completing the Code were developed by a group of national and international experts of Freedom House and consulted with media professionals, civic association representatives, and interested organizations during three public meetings that took place in April 2019. Media outlet newsrooms also had the possibility to convey their proposals for improving the completions that were examined by the experts, and the full version was presented at a round table held on 10 May 2019.

The completed version of the Journalist’s Code of Ethics has a total of 89 articles and a preamble in which the values of the journalistic profession are formulated. The Code is structured in 7 chapters (General Principles, Ensuring Accuracy of Information, Human Rights Protection, Journalists and Conflicts of Interests, Special Techniques and Equipment for Collecting Information, Mutual Obligations between the Journalist and the Employer, and Self-Regulation). The monitoring of the application of the Code is the responsibility of the Press Council of Moldova that issues declaratory decisions and makes recommendations.

The Moldovan Journalist’s Code of Ethics in completed version is available on the webpage of the Press Council in Romanian, Russian and English. The Press Council will publish leaflets and posters with the content of the Code of Ethics, to be handed over to newsrooms, university journalism departments, and to other interested persons and organizations.